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Supporting Mental Wellbeing

LDST 5 Ways to Wellbeing

At St Andrew's Primary School, we are committed to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff. We understand that everyone experiences life challenges which can make us vulnerable and at times, we may need additional emotional support. We take the view that positive mental health is everybody’s business and that we all have a role to play. 

'It's ok to not be ok!'


At our school we:

  • Help children to understand their emotions and feelings better                             
  • Help children feel comfortable sharing any concerns or worries
  • Help children socially to form and maintain relationships
  • Promote self esteem and ensure children know that they count
  • Encourage children to be confident and ‘dare to be different’
  • Help children to develop emotional resilience and to manage setbacks
  • Support through our vision and values


We have also recently been selected to work with 'Tackling the Blues,' which is a collaboration between Edge Hill University, Tate Liverpool and Everton in the Community.  Each week staff from Tackling The Blues, work with our staff and children, using art and physical exercise to help to support mental wellbeing.


Our Deputy Head Teacher/SENCO Mrs Dwan, is our Senior Mental Health Lead and she works together with members of our teaching and non teaching staff, parents/carers, Governors, MAT, and our Y6 Mental Wellbeing Champions, to support the mental wellbeing of our whole school community.  Mrs Dwan has a background in psychology, a Post Grad Certicate in Supporting Vulnerable Learners, the NASENCO qualification, has completed Senior Mental Health Lead training with ROAR and has also completed training with our Y6 Mental Wellbeing Champions through One Goal.


All children have the option of attending Chill Out Club each day, during lunch breaks, where they can access support and take part in activities to help them to look after their mental wellbeing.  


We have several staff who are trained to support bereavement, loss, family breakdown and can also deliver nurtured based curriculums.  We also have good relationships with outside professionals which allow us to make quick referrals outside of school if they are needed.



Tackling The Blues with Edge Hill University

Tackling the Blues (TtB) is an award-winning sport and arts-based education programme. It supports children and young people aged 6-16 who are experiencing, or are at risk of developing, mental illness. TtB is delivered in partnership between the Faculty of Education and the Department of Sport and Physical Activity at Edge Hill University (EHU), Everton in the Community (EitC) and Tate Liverpool. We are very lucky at St Andrew's to be starting our second year working with TTB. Every Tuesday afternoon, TTB staff come into school to work with our KS2 children helping them to support their mental health through sports and art.

Mental Wellbeing Champions

Our Y5 and Y6 Wellbeing Champions, work alongside out Senior Mental Health Lead, Mrs Dwan, to support children through out the school.  They help support children at Chill Out Club each lunchtime leading activities such as mindfullness, arts and crafts, computer based activities, reading activities, lego etc.  They also look after the worry boxes in the classrooms and are present in both playgrounds so that the children can freely approach and chat to them too.

ANXIETY | Top phrases for calming anxious children

In this video I explore three types of phrases (and lots of actual examples) that can be really helpful when trying to reassure or calm children who are anxi...

Many children need lots of sensory input in order to feel safe within their environment.  If your child has sensory needs, a good idea is to make a sensory box for them to access whenever then need it:-


Make your own sensory box at home
Below, are some items you could use in order to give yourself some sensory time while at home. You will need some sort of box to put your things in. Just pick a few things from the list that you would like. Why not spend some time decorating it as well?
Skipping rope – You may have one of these already but you could easily make your own.
Resistance bands- you may have some of these in the house if a parent uses them for exercise.
Do you have a kaleidoscope or an hourglass for you to look at and use to calm down?
Pop a favourite book in to read.
Activity books are often relaxing- dot to dots, mazes, word searches, I Spy, etc.
Stress balls can be made out of balloons and sand or flour.
Play-doh and silly putty is very relaxing if worked in the hand.
A photo album filled with photos of family and friends can be very calming to browse through!
A small blanket made with your favourite texture.
Bubble wrap is very satisfying!
Bubbles- to encourage breathing out.
A Rubik’s cube to fiddle with.
White board/magna doodle to doodle with.
Eye mask- maybe you have a superhero mask that could be adapted?
Tissue paper to rip up. Check your parents are happy for you to this first!
Light up toys – a torch or a fairground toy.
Plastic snow globe - Acts like a calm down or sensory bottle.
Snacks with a variety of textures like crunchy pretzels or crackers, chewy dried fruit, or soft marshmallows.
Notepad to scribble your thoughts.
A CD of some calming music.

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