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New Intake Children

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for indicating that we are your first choice of school.

Hopefully, now that you have come to the ‘crunch’ where the decision has to be made about which school your child will attend, we will still remain as your first choice.

It is possible, though, that your child attends a nursery and has made friends with other children whose parents want them to go to a different school than ours. Because friendships are important some parents then feel they need to send their child to the same school as their child’s nursery friends and decide to take their names off our first choice list.

This is a difficult decision so may I reassure you that St Andrew’s Reception Class offers lots of wonderful opportunities both inside and outdoors, to enable your child to be a confident, happy, independent learner.
Indeed, our own observations have shown over the years that most children make new friends within the first few weeks of starting at school and they do not always stay close friends with the children they played with at Nursery school.

This development of the social skills of the child is achieved through the hard work of our Reception Team (friendly, well-informed, and totally focused on the needs of the individual child) and takes place within our Reception classroom and a delightful outdoor play area. The classroom is packed with toys, games, computers and learning opportunities that develop both the social aspects and independence of each child.

We feel strongly that there is no better place to begin your child’s education. Make the right choice for your child’s start at the best choice of school for them.

If you feel you would like to come around and see us again, please feel free to phone the School Office and make an appointment to visit at a time and date of your convenience.



We look forward to meeting you again!

Yours sincerely,

Mr Phil Taylor

Foundation Stage Teacher

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