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Who's Who

St Andrew's was founded in 1839 and there still remains the old Victorian building which now houses our Year 6 classrooms. The school is surrounded by pleasant grounds with its own sports and football field. The site adjoins that of Deyes High School to which most of our children transfer at the end of Year 6.

Meet the Staff

Sue Kerwin

Deputy Headteacher
Paula Dwan

Office Staff
Alison Kulke - Office Manager
Emma Ainsworth - Finance Manager

Paula Dwan          Phil Taylor

Jan Turner        Linda Harvey  

Year One

Stephanie Stalker          Martin Clarke (1/2)
Tina Fitzpatrick     Lesley Williams  Joanne Robinson     


Year Two
 Clare O'Brien
   Sue Turnbull

Year Three
Chris Millington          Jayne Flynn
Bev Lowson   

Year Four
Tanya Jones       Mary Sim
    Gill Calleja    Emma Wakefield  Sally Rabette

Year Five
Emma Cooper / Gemma Bell          Joy Palmer/Jo Oldhams

Year Six
Paula Wilkinson     Jon Robinson
Linda Smith   Suzanne Noble   Maxene Kidman


Special Educational Needs Co ordinator (SENCO)

Paula Dwan

Pupil Intervention
 Tina Fitzpatrick

Wrap-Around Care
Bev Lowson          Angela Martindale          Linda Smith
        Max Schofield          Liam Rabette
Emma Wakefield          Maxene Kidman       


Site Manager
Dave Hartley

Kitchen Staff
Carol Radford          Cathy Christian         
Brenda Calder          Jackie Bentley

Welfare Staff
Lesley Abbott    Lorraine Anderson      Helen Griglin          
Rob Siner    Paula Rigby  Cheryl Bibby   Sharon Mavers
         Lindsay Savory     Sarah Caddick  Ann Kendrick

Cleaning Staff
Ali Armstrong          Suzanne Greenwood          Lyn Bridgeman
         Lyn Ravenscroft

Lollipop Man
Dave Hughes

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