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Summer 2 Multiplication Tables Check

As you are aware, there is now a national statutory test for Y4 children called the ‘Multiplication Tables Check’ (MTC). The test will judge how well each child knows their multiplication tables up to 12 x 12, which is the expected standard by the end of Year 4.


I have attached again, the previously sent documentation about the MTC.


The test will be administered in the Summer term and will involve an online test of 25 multiplication questions. The results will then be shared with us to help us best support the children, as they progress through the Y5 and Y6 maths curriculum.


Year Four are working hard practising their times tables in school to prepare for this test and we ask that you continue to support as much as possible at home. Please encourage your child to access Times Table Rockstars daily. You may wish to try some of the below to support your child in remembering their times tables:


· Practising times tables by rote (old-fashioned chanting of each multiplication table).

· Asking your child times tables questions out of order – such as ‘What’s 11x12? What’s 5x6?’

· Asking your child the related division facts: ‘What’s 8 ÷ 4? What’s 54 ÷ 6?’

· Using arrays to help your child memorise times tables – you can use fun objects like Smarties or Lego bricks to make it more entertaining.

· Singing times table songs (there are lots online!)

· Using apps and games to help build speed – the following website exactly mimics the check so is a great help for practicing and allowing children to become comfortable with the format of the test: