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Summer 1 Topic homework

Ancient China - The Shang Dynasty 

Geography -  draw a picture of the country of China showing which continent it is in and the location compared to the UK.


History - Can you create a timeline of the Shang Dynasty? Put in as many dates and events as you can find out from our research in school and your own research. 


Writing - watch the BBC clip: v/articles/zqtn6yc

Then write a story about living in ancient China, pretending to be a boy or girl living in those times


Shang army - How did the Shang army win battles? Find out about their weapons, and warriors. Draw some pictures of both and write a short paragraph explaining about the Shang Army.


Go to:

and have a go at the quiz. When you had a go make a quick story using the Shang characters (remember to write an interpretation underneath).


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