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Summer 1 isolation work

Summer 1 Week 7




In English this week, we are writing an alternative ending to the story of Oliver. We are writing in the style of the author and working on using accurate speech punctuation. We are also ensuring that we use -ing and -ed opening clauses eg.g Shaking with fear, and  Exhausted from the lack of much needed sleep, within our narrative writing.


Below is a PowerPoint to revise accurate speech punctuation and a story planning frame, where the children should focus on the resolution and the ending.


The children are to write their own version of the ending, from the point where Oliver has been sent on a message by Mr Browlow, after he has rescued from a life of crime with Fagin. Oliver has then been kidnapped by Nancy and Bill Sikes and retured to Fagin's hideaway. What will happen next?



This week we are working on adding and subtracting decimals using both visual represenation and column methods. Below are some activities to address decimal addition and subtraction.


Over the Summer 1 term, we have been studying many stories from the bible based on Daniel. To end the topic, we are asking the children to write a thank you letter to Daniel.

  • How has Daniel inspired them?
  • How can they learn from his strength and faith?
  • What stories have inspired and motivated them personally and how?

Summer 1 Week 6




This week, after gathering lots of evidence for and against, we are writing a balanced argument to discuss: Is Fagin a villain or not?

Using your knowledge of the text, and all of the evidence you have been considering from the text and film, write your balanced argument.


Attached are some word banks and prompts to help you and remember, we are currently working on using subordinate clauses to start a complex sentence. Please see some examples of balanced arguments to help you see what is expected.






This week, we are continuing our work on decimals and fractions. Using the PowerPoint below, work on the activities and reasoning tasks throughout. Then, there are some activity sheets to work through using the PowerPoint to help you.


Are people of faith only in the Bible? Do you know any people of faith from today? Using the internet, carry out some research based on the faith of one of the people below:

Nelson Mandela

Dr Barnardo

Lord Shaftsbury

Elizabeth Fry

What makes them a person of faith? What have they done to put their Christian faith into action? Why are they famous? Did their faith influence other people? How did their faith help them to make decisions about their life?

Summer 1 week 5



This week we are starting to look at balanced arguments. Question: Is Fagin a Villlian?

What is a villain? Dictionary definition:

  • a cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime; scoundrel.
  • a character in a play, novel, or the like, who constitutes an important evil agency in the plot.
  • a person or thing considered to be the cause of something bad.

Watch the clips below again. Write reasons For and against Fagin being a Villian. 


This week we are looking at decimals and decimal fraction equivalents. Watch the clips below to help with decimal place value and fraction/ decimal equivalents:

Summer 1 week 4



Watch both clips of Fagin. Write notes about Fagin's appearance and personality. Watch the clips again. Think of different sentences to write a character description about Fagin. Try and think about what you can see, how he treats the boys, regrets he might have. Include fronted adverbials, noun phrases and commas in a list. 


This week we are looking at fractions of amounts and fraction word problems. Watch the clips below to help. Then answer testbase questions. 

Summer 1 week 3 (Week beginning 26th April)


R.E. - Book of Daniel

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are thrown into the fiery furnace.  They refuse to bow and worship the image of gold set up by King Nebuchadnezzar.  Why? 

This story is not often told. What can we learn from this story? What do you think happens when the men are brought out of the furnace? What questions would you like to ask Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego?


Dr Barnardo and Lord Shaftsbury were reformers during the Victorian era. Read through the powerpoints to find out how the helped poor Victorian children. 

Summer 1 week 2 (wk beginning 19th April)


For English this week we would like you to complete a comprehension - History Hackers, Victorian venture.

English revision

There are also 3 revision documents to go through - Small reading comprehension - ring a ring a rosy, Spag - tense and vocabulary work below:


For maths this week we have attached an addition and subtraction arithmetic practice sheet. We are also continuing with adding and subtracting fractions. This week, with different denominators. Follow the Oak academy clip to help understand how to do this. Then answer calculations involving adding and subtracting fractions. For an extra challenge, there are some word problems to answer. 



Go through the Powerpoint about William Morris. Write a fact file about him. Look through his designs, do you like them? If so why? If not why?

History - The Victorians

This week we are looking at jobs poor Victorian children had. Read through the powerpoint to see how difficult life was for a poor Victorian child. Then complete the activities attched under the powerpoint. 

Summer 1 week 1 (Week beginning 12th April)


For English this week we would like you to find out about Charles Dickens. Watch the bbcbitesize clip below and write a fact file about Chales Dickens. Who was he? When was he born? What did he do? How is he famous? Which time in history did he grow up in? What was life like in Britain at this time? 

English continued

Watch the clip about the poor house in the Victorian times. What was life like during this time? Would you have liked to live in the poor house? 


In maths this week we are finding out about how to add and subtract fractions. Watch the clip below about how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. Then try working on the worksheets below. 


Watch the clip below and read the pdf to find out about Queen Victoria and our new history topic - The Victorians!


Our Christian value for this half term is friendship. Follow the powerpoint and get some ideas to write your own recipe for friendship.