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Our aim for every child in St Andrew’s C of E Primary School is to leave with a strong core of Scientific knowledge, learnt and secured through a range of different experiences. Each unit will be explored in an investigative approach, and the knowledge developed appropriately as they move through the school. Our science covers the main principles of Biology, Chemistry and Physics through a variety of engaging topics.

Alongside the knowledge, all St Andrew’s scientists will develop a set of scientific enquiry skills and be given many opportunities to independently use them in their scientific endeavours. By the time they leave us at the end of Year 6, a St Andrew’s Scientist will be able to:

  • ask their own Scientific questions
  • create their own experiments to test their theories, paying close attention to ensuring it is a fair test
  • analyse their results systematically
  • draw conclusions and use evidence to present their results in a suitable format
  • use their conclusions to think about implications for the future

To do this, all children will be explicitly taught how to make predictions, observe experiments, record results and create conclusions in a progressive manner as they move through our school.