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Religious Education


Here, at St Andrew’s Primary C of E Primary School, the aim of Religious Education is to help children to acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other principal religions represented in Great Britain. We aim for our children to appreciate the way that religious beliefs shape life and our behaviour and for them to develop the ability to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues and enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Religious Education is taught throughout the school in such a way as to reflect the overall aims, values, and philosophy of the school. Our school motto is ‘Together in God’s love we learn, inspire and grow’ and we feed this into our teaching on a daily basis. At St Andrew’s, we want Religious Education to play a vital role in our pupils education, social, emotional and spiritual development.


The implementation of our intent is carefully planned by our teachers, using the Curriculum provided by the Blackburn Diocese of Education. We ensure that children take part in daily collective worship and that prayer is an important part of their day. The children in our school are encouraged to reflect on what they see around them and act in the way that Jesus taught us. Across the curriculum our children are taught and encouraged to be critical thinkers and therefore this helps to develop their philosophical thinking.


The children regularly attend church and as part our curriculum all year groups should visit a non-Church of England place of worship to find out more about how a wider range of people engage with and celebrate their faith. Our use of prayer week to ensure that children have first hand experiences of their own and other’s faith also helps us to achieve our curriculum intent.


Through our high quality teaching and commitment to children’s spiritual development all children in our school should make good progress in relation to their knowledge and understanding of Religious Education.


We aspire for all children to positively engage with their religion and that they use this to make a positive impact on their friends, families and the local and wider communities. Our children will have an understanding and respect for other people’s faiths and beliefs.


The children in our school will leave as well rounded individuals with a respect and appreciation for their own religion, beliefs, morals as well as those of others.