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Phonics learning this week is phase 4 consonant blends sp and st.

SP - spot, spin, spun, spill, spat, spoon.

Children brainstorm as main sp words they can think of.

Do a sp word search around the house or garden.

Play froggy froggy may I cross your golden bridge. Give your child a sp word to write down. If they write it correctly the can move forward. Incorrect have to stay.

Silly sentences - Give your child a word with the sp consonant blend. They will try and put it in a sentence. 



Children to think of as many ST blends as can think of, stop, post, cost, stem, strip, strict, stick, etc.

Word hunt.

Froggy froggy.

Can they put them in a sentence.

Phonics play homelearning resources - revision of phase 4.