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Physical Education


Children participate in two lessons of PE each week and follow a programme including gym, dance, athletics and games at KS1 and this is extended to include swimming and outdoor adventurous activities at KS2. We aim to allow all pupils to demonstrate their full potential and to enjoy participating in sport, to this end we develop skills and competencies in class and also have a programme of extra-curricular clubs including cross-country, football, netball, athletics, gym and dance. We have a number of specialist teachers on staff and also staff we ‘buy in’ to promote high quality teaching. Staff benefit from observing specialist teachers and children are encouraged to acquire skills and to develop a tactical awareness in sport. The children have the opportunity to experience a range of physical activities, we aim for children to enjoy physical activity and also to experience periods of high intensity to ensure a positive impact on the human body. Our goal is to promote a love of physical activity which will lead to life-long participation in sport. To this end children are encouraged to participate at their own level through a range of differentiated activities. We participate in a range of inter-school competitions and have a strong tradition in cross country, athletics, and football.