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Throughout both KS1 and KS2 Spanish is taught as a discrete subject.


Within KS1, learning centres around introducing basic vocabulary to the children including; greetings, numbers, colours, body parts and family.   This is done through repetition and actions.


In Year 3, children develop their Spanish knowledge by going over KS1 vocabulary and introducing new language including: personal information, weather and food and drink.


In Year 4, children extend their knowledge by looking at food during different meals. They use their understanding of numbers to tell the time and are introduce to vocabulary associated with animals and towns and cities.


In Year 5, children further extend their knowledge of food by looking at it in the context of a restaurant.  They also look at time in closer detail e.g. 5 minute intervals.  The children are also introduced to specific grammar details including conjugating verbs in the present tense.


In Year 6, children look at vocabulary associated with clothes, giving directions, and more body parts.


All KS2 children will be exposed to lessons covering Hispanic culture including Christmas and Easter in Spain.  Year 5 will learn about Mexican culture and Year 6 cover Peruvian culture.


Children will be taught to cover the four areas of Spanish language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Children will develop their skills from repetition and copying writing to being able to adapt both verbal and written sentences to discuss the topic being studied.