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Home Learning Spring 1 Week 1

Friday 8th January

Please upload finished work to dojo.

Try and get out and enjoy the snow! Stay safe. If you do send us some photos on dojo 😊

Maths- Column addition

Today we are revising column addition. Look at the poster to remind you.

Mrs Calleja’s group practise column addition of 3 digit numbers. Remember to add in the digit you have carried. Check your own answers once you have finished.

Mrs Russell/ Mrs Bell/ Miss Jones group work out the column additions from the written problems. Think carefully when setting out your addition sums. Line up the columns correctly. Check your own answers.

English – old English words

In the Highwayman there are some old -fashioned English words used. We would like you to watch the clip again

Stop every time you hear an old -fashioned word being used, write it down and have a guess at what you think it means. Once you have written down between 5 and 10 old fashioned words and had a go at working out what you think they mean, find out the actual meaning and see if you are right. There will be a power point in the class story to help you find the definitions of the old -fashioned words.


Revise what a simile and metaphor are using the link:

Complete the activities on bitesize then complete the worksheet. The worksheet and answers will be uploaded to the class story page too. This is just a quick activity to refresh your memory of the differences between similes and metaphors as you will be including some in your writing next week.

Spelling test

If a grown up can help you and read out the spellings in the sentences for today, that would be great. If a grown up is not available, then work out which spelling from this week fits best into the gap.


Home Learning Thursday 7th January

Please send a photo of your work on dojos. Have a lovely day. 


Today we are learning how to find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.

A rectilinear shape is a shape that has straight sides and right angles. It can look like two rectangles that have been joined together.

Watch this clip to help

Work through examples 1 and 2 following the video clip which shows you how to work out the length of any unknown sides.

Now complete the work on the worksheets on paper.

Mrs Calleja’s group –One star worksheet

Mrs Russell/Mrs Bell’s group –Two star worksheet

Challenge –try the three star worksheet

Reasoning questions sheet-read the questions carefully and explain your answers


Please send us photograph of your work for us to check how you have got on.



Watch the Highwayman a few times again.

Create a story map of the main events that take place in the poem.

An example of a story map is attached to the worksheets on here and will also be on the website.

Here is a link to a transcript of the poem too to help you.


Spelling - Proof read

The children complete a proof- read each week. Have a look for the words that are spelt incorrectly and spell them correctly. Use your spelling sheet (from the Spring 1 documents on the website) to check if they are right.

Make sure you complete the correct spelling group.


History- How do we know about the Shang Dynasty?

Follow the link below:


This will take you to a video to follow. The video will ask you to stop at different points and complete some activities.

  1. Write your own story using symbols (top to bottom not left to right)
  2. Write what you think the artefacts shown on the video are?
  3. Quiz questions about the video you have watched.


Here is a pack of Spelling activites that all groups can use to revise the weekly spelling. These activities can be used throughout the week and will really help you to learn your spellings in a fun and creative way.

DAY 1 - Tuesday 5th January 2021


English - New Year Writing Task

We would like you to tell us all about your thoughts for 2021! You can use the worksheet as a prompt to write about if you would like to or you might choose to write about it in a different format, for example a letter - Dear 2021...



We would like you to use the link to find out the perimeter of different parts of your home - your garden, your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen etc. If you have a ruler available, work out the perimeter of smaller objects around the house – a kitchen cupboard door, a window, a storage box. Anything you can find and measure.
Write your discoveries down and post a picture on dojos of some of the objects you measured.



Using the KWL grid sheet - this does not need printing, it can be done on paper - in the K section write what you already know about our new Science Topic Properties and Changes of Materials. In the W section, write about what you like to learn about our Science topic. Leave the L section for later on in the Half Term. Use the Science Knowledge Organiser on the class webpage to help you.


To begin our topic, we have set a task to complete. Yu should use the Science Knowledge Organiser from the website to support you. Once again, this worksheet does not need printing and can be completed on paper. Have fun and add as much scientific information as you can!


Spellings and Mental Maths

All of this Half Term's spelling and mental maths is on the class webpage.
Using your spellings for this week, today research the definitions of each word and write these down.
Your mental maths should be worked on daily too.