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Home learning for self isolating children week 2.11.20

Addition and subtraction addition and subtraction fact families, please try fluency and the reasoning and problem solving task.


We are starting this half term exploring  the book Beegu. 


Monday 2.11.20 - Have a look at the cover on the first slide. What do you think this book is about? What questions do you have about the book. Your task is to think about what you want to know about the book and write questions starting with, who , what, where and how, don't forget to finish your questions with a question mark. As an extra challenge, could you predict what the answers to your questions might be?


Tuesday 3.11.20  Have at look at the next slide (2). What do you know? What can you see? Can you write 3 sentences to explain what you know. For example, Beegu has crashed his spaceship. Say your sentence to yourself first. Does it make sense? Write it down, have you included a full stop and capital letter. Can you improve your sentence by adding an adjective? The yellow alien has crashed his fast spaceship. Can you extend it by adding a conjunction, as an extra challenge could you explain how Beegu might be feeling.


Wednesday 4.11.20 Role on the wall - Read the story until Beegu is in the city. Stop here. Draw an outline of Beegu . On the outside think of as many adjectives to describe what Beegu looks like (yellow, short). Inside the outline think of as many adjectives as you can to describe how Beegu might feel and what he might be thinking. What might other people think about him?


Thursday 5.11.20 VIPERS comprehension

Reread the whole story on the powerpoint.

Have a go at answering the VIPERS questions about the story.


Friday 6.11.20

We really want to help Beegu's parents find their little alien. Can you design a missing poster to help them. Do you know what a missing poster is? What might you include in your missing poster? 

Use your role on the wall to complete sentences using adjectives to describe what Beegu looks like and what he might be like. Include a description of where he has been seen.


Don't forget to revise your spelling for this week and read with an adult everyday. We look forward to seeing you again in class very soon.