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Help Us to Win a Canopy!

It’s competition time at St Andrews C of E Maghull as A&S Landscape, a supplier of school canopies, is giving away a fabric canopy worth £15,000 to one school. While we all love sunshine it's important to protect children from the sun’s rays. With more shade in the school we could use this to have outdoor lessons when it's hot and stuffy inside. Art lessons are great outdoors. We use chalks to sit and draw when it's too hot to run around. The shades are also great for using as a buddy station. Our playtime pals can watch out for pupils who be feeling lonely or left out. The shade can be the meeting place for them. A space to make them feel part of a group. Even when it is raining the shades mean the pupils can still get out at break times for fresh air. To win this competition we have to collect the most votes! You can click here to vote for our school.

Once you have voted, please spread the message on friends, parents and supplier’s websites as well as social media to help us win!