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Autumn Term Isolation Work

Autumn 2 Week 7 (Week beginning 20.12.21)



English - VIPERS

This week, in our VIPERS lessons, we are analysing non-fiction texts, and answering questions based on a text to inform.


Please find the text and questions attached below.


In maths, we are working on our 6,7, 9 times tables as we solve some Christmas puzzles. We are also revising lots of calculations based on all four operations - addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.


Have fun trying to solve the Christmas maths puzzles.


In our RE lesson last week, we looked at, and closely analysed, a variety of artwork based on the Nativity scene and we wrote about how each artist had shown Jesus bringing light into the world - Task 1 on the PowerPoint.


This week, we are following on from that lesson and creating our own artwork of the nativity, with a focus on showing that Jesus brought light to the world. In school, we are creating Christmas cards of our artwork and you can do the same at home - Task 2 on the PowerPoint.


I have attached last week's PowerPoint to remind you of the artwork we analysed and also with the task for this week.

Autumn 2 Week 7 (Week beginning 13.12.21)


In Our English lessons this week, we are writing our own information report about Polar Bears.


Firstly, study the example text in detail (attached below) and use the ideas from this text as an example for your own writing. Next, research and make notes on polar bears using the internet. Consider the following questions when researching.


1. What do they look like? What features do they have? How big are they? How long do they live? Appearance


2. What do they eat? How much/often? Diet


3. How do they survive the harsh conditions of the Arctic? Diet


4. Where do they live? Where do they sleep? Habitat


5. What parts of the world are they found in? Habitat


And finally, write your report to inform. Consider the use of fronted adverbials, apostrophes for possession, using adjectives and prepositions together to describe the noun, and organising your writing into paragraphs all around a theme, when writing your information report.


Try using the following headings to organise your report






In our Maths lessons this week, we are concentrating on our multiplication and division facts. Please find attached below some multiplication and division challenges to help you secure your multiplication and division facts.



We have now come to the end of our Science Unit for the Half Term, so this week is assessment week. Have a little go at the End of Unit Quiz at home and revise the unit from your Knowledge Organiser before you attempt the questions. 

Autumn 2 Week 6 - Week beginning 6/12/21



In our English lessons this week, we are using our research skills to record information. Our current text, Leaf, is attached as a PDF document below to recap the story. We are using our text and the following links, to research polar bears and record information. Later in the term, we will be writing a report to inform our readers about polar bears.


Using the links and documents below, research polar bears. You can record your findings on the Information Finder sheet, or set it out similar to the sheet, on paper.


Wiki Kids


YouTube clip national geographic







In Maths, we are learning to divide by 1. Attached, you will find a PowerPoint and activities to match the task. Use counters, or something similar at home, to represent your calculations. You can work on the sheets if you would like to, but the work can simply be completed on paper without printing.



This term we have been learning about Jesus and how in Christianity Jesus is seen as being the 'Light of the World'. This week we are learning about a Jewish festival - Hanukkah - also known as the Festival of Lights and why it is important in Judaism.

Guided Reading - Spider comprehension