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Art and Design


We help children to learn through inspiring, challenging and enjoyable activities. Children are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas through a range of mediums and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. We use our topics as inspiration for children’s art work and offer opportunities to look at a range of artists, designers and craft makers. Children are encouraged to use these opportunities to make links to their own work and to use the language of art, craft and design. Throughout school, a range of skills are introduced, developed and refined. During Early Years children enjoy mark making through drawing and painting and are encouraged to use a variety of tools and techniques. Throughout KS1 children have the opportunity to explore tone, experiment with colour and use other mediums and techniques to create objects. At KS2 children explore a range of mediums including media to create their own designs and models. Children record exploration work and sketches in their own sketch books which they take through the school.