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           Welcome to our 6BW web page, here you will        find lots of information and photographs about

what we have been up to and what we will be exploring this year.

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Summer 1 History Topic

The Mayans


The Year 6 Topic for the Summer 1 half term is The Mayan Civilization of Central America.


In this exciting History Theme, we will be investigating:


How the Geography of Central America allowed for this rich civilization to prosper

How the Mayans developed a polytheistic society worshiping many Gods

How the Mayans developed an intricate number system

How European exploration in the 15th and 16th Centuries affected the Mayans

How Mayan writing tells us many things about their civilization

How the Mayans compared to the Ancient Greeks (studied in Autumn 1)


Under the current circumstances, most of the learning will be through independent research tasks and tasks uploaded to our class webpages. Please see the Knowledge Organizer to direct your studies at the present time. Task will be uploaded after the Easter Break.

Year 6 Summer 1 Curriculum Map - The Mayans Theme

Staying Safe On-line


Due to the current situation, many of our children and families are spending more time than ever before on-line. Due to this, we thought it would be an appropriate time to raise awareness of ways that you and your children can stay safe on-line whilst enjoying and making the most of the wealth of resources available. Please, take some time to use the websites below to ensure that the internet and social media are being used with care.




Home-School Learning Week Commencing 30/3/20


Hi Year 6 and Families,


We hope you and all your families are doing well and are looking after each other. What a long week last week was, but we hope you are all enjoying lots of family time and finding lots of ways to keep yourselves active, busy and entertained.


Throughout this week, we'll add a variety of Maths and English Activities. There will also be ideas for some home Science research or practical tasks, which you could all enjoy as a family, if you would like to. Where possible, we will add video footage, tutorials or PowerPoints that can be viewed first, to support some of the activities. So keep a look out on the class pages for anything popping up throughout the week. If answers are required, we will do our best to put mark schemes on, so you can check over your work and see how well you did as well as ways to improve further.


But remember, as well as any academic activities we upload, we also want you to concentrate on your well-being and if we see any links, activities or online learning that we think you might enjoy as a way to relax or learn different types of skills, then we'll post the ideas on here.


We are missing you all very much, but wish you and all your families love and best wishes as we start another week.


Year 6 Team 



WW2 Reading Comprehension - full book. Complete on paper, no printing required

30 Day Photography Challenge - some creative photography fun

Daily Live Activities and Lessons - What's going on online?

Daily Live Activities and Lessons - What's going on online? 1
Daily Live Activities and Lessons - What's going on online? 2

Year 6 Home School Learning Activities for the next few weeks...

We know that things are a little unsure at the moment but, in order to keep as much normality as possible for our children, we will be using the class web-pages to set work that they can complete at home. Please check daily for tasks that we are setting. We will also be E-mailing parents to let you know of any other tasks that the children can get on with to enhance their learning. As well as this, we feel that it is important to remember that there are lots of other activities that the children could be getting on with that are not normally part of a school day - take this opportunity to let the children do these things:

  • Make dens in the house or garden
  • Get lots of exercise by cycling or walking
  • Cook or Bake together
  • Get out the old board games that have been gathering dust in the cupboard (better still: make your own)
  • Plant some seeds in the garden 
  • Learn a foreign language on-line
  • Draw and paint 
  • Cuddle up and watch a film together
  • We're sure you can think of many more...


Look after each other. Keep in touch if you need any support or advice. Love from Year 6 Staff

Home-School Learning Update


Slight change to Home-School Learning Activities next week

As of Monday, all home-school learning tasks for Year 6 will be put on the 6R web-page. This is just to make it a little easier to manage the tasks that we will be asking the children to complete.



Year 6 Staff

Mrs Bell and Mrs Russell's Spelling Group - Spring 2 Spellings

Mr Robinson's Spelling Group - Spring 2 Spellings

Year 6 Spring 2 Curriculum Map - WWII (cont...)

Harris Burdick - Suspense Writing prompts

SATs Briefing to Parents Presentation

World War II - Knowledge Organiser

Spring 1st Half Term - Mr Robinson Spelling Group

Autumn 2nd Half Term - Curriculum Map

Meet the Teacher PPT 2019-2020

History: Exploring the battle between Athenian and Persian armies

RE: Journey of life