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We are a great class of 31 children with 16 girls and 15 boys.  Mr Clarke is our teacher and Mrs Calleja will be supporting us. Together we learn and inspire each other to be the very best we can be every single day.  We hope you enjoy our class page. frown

Home school activities
Week beginning Monday 23rd March
Week Beginning Monday 30th March

I hope everyone is staying safe and well at this difficult time.  I have had a few emails from parents this week saying they are finding it hard to get through the activities each week.  Please don't worry if you are not able to complete everything, the children's mental health is also very important and most of the children will be feeling unsettled and missing their friends.  Can I also reassure you that the children of key workers who are attending school are not having any formal lessons, so anyone who is staying at home is not missing out.

Please remember I am available via email any time during school hours if you have any questions or need any further advice etc.

Stay safe, Stay home.

Art project


The children began to learn about Andy Goldsworthy just before they finished, for their art project this week I would like them to spend some time researching as much information as they can about Andy and create their own little fact file.  I would also like them to get out into the garden (if possible) and collect natural materials to create their very own Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork.  Please feel free to email me pictures of any of the art work the children do.



Examples of Andy Goldsworthy art work

Examples of Andy Goldsworthy art work 1
Examples of Andy Goldsworthy art work 2
Examples of Andy Goldsworthy art work 3

Reading challenge!

This week I would like the children to access the oxford owl website and use the following username and password I have set up to access free online books.  Simple click on the 'my class login' button.  The children can choose which books they would like to read and I would like them to write two book reviews.  This activity can also be done using hard copy books the children may already have. 


Username: year4mrclarke

Password: standrews


This week I have heard about Chester Zoo doing online video tours so people can keep track on the animals and stay connected with their daily lives.  I would therefore like the children to design their own zoo!!  However, I would like them to write the names of the animals they chose to have in Spanish.  Please use the website, 'lightbulb languages', click on 'Primary' you will then see in 2nd year 'Animals' please use this to help you find the names of lots of different animals the children may wish to have.

Picture 1



A couple of months ago the children learnt about the human skeleton.  I wonder how many bones they can remember.  This week for science can the children have a go at drawing or downloading their own skeleton picture and try and remember what the bones are called. challenge the children further by asking them if they can remember the scientific names for the bones too.


This week get the children to have a go at their addition and subtraction skills by completing this nice colour challenge activity.

Addition and subtraction challenge


This week I would like the children to write a letter to someone working in the NHS.  It could be to a Doctor, Nurse, volunteer, Cleaner, Receptionist, anyone.  Discuss with the children the importance of the jobs they are doing right now to support us all through this time.  If possible the letters they write can be emailed to me and I will forward them on to the NHS via a contact of mine. The letters do not have to be long or overly 'SPAG' orientated just a thank you letter will be fine.

Stay and read

Stay and read 1
Stay and read 2
Stay and read 3
Stay and read 4
Stay and read 5
Stay and read 6
Stay and read 7

Year 4 curriculum map 2019 20

Year 4 Autumn 1 spellings

We had a great day at Tatton Park learning all about the Anglo Saxon lifestyle.  The children had the opportunity to learn how to make bread, defend their village and discuss how Anglo Saxons lived their lives on a daily basis.

Tatton Park visit

Tatton Park visit 1
Tatton Park visit 2
Tatton Park visit 3
Tatton Park visit 4
Tatton Park visit 5
Tatton Park visit 6
Tatton Park visit 7
Tatton Park visit 8
Tatton Park visit 9
Tatton Park visit 10
Tatton Park visit 11
Tatton Park visit 12
Tatton Park visit 13
Tatton Park visit 14
Tatton Park visit 15
Tatton Park visit 16
Tatton Park visit 17
Tatton Park visit 18
Tatton Park visit 19