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Hello everyone

Strange times for us all and I shall be so very sad saying goodbye today to most children for the foreseeable future. 

I shall keep in touch by email and dojo at all times and I shall put some useful links on this web page. Please take care of each other and look after yourselves. 

With much love

Mary Sim x

Staying Safe On-line


Due to the current situation, many of our children and families are spending more time than ever before on-line. Due to this, we thought it would be an appropriate time to raise awareness of ways that you and your children can stay safe on-line whilst enjoying and making the most of the wealth of resources available. Please, take some time to use the websites below to ensure that the internet and social media are being used with care.



Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Here are some suggestions for activities this week.



Activities using the four rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division


  • Write a book review about a book you have read. This could be one of your own books from home or one from the Oxford Owl online library. The link is on the webpage.
  • Spellings – Use the Topmarks Look, write, cover, check activity for a fun way to revise spellings. (link is on the website page)


Watch and read the Easter story.Can you design your own Easter card?


The Egyptians had many gods for lots of different purposes. Can you find out about Egyptian Gods?

Can you design your own Egyptian God?

It can have a mixture of animal and human features. What will it be the god of? What is its name? What will it carry? What special powers will it have?

Is it kind or not?


We have been learning about the painter Georges Seurat. He invented a technique called Pointillism which uses small dots of colour to create a picture.

  • Can you create your own picture using Pointillism? It could be of anything they like – an Egyptian landscape with pyramids, a garden, a sea scene, an animal – be as creative as you can.








In class, and on our visit to the World Museum, we have been learning about how and why the Ancient Egyptians made mummies. Check out the link below, but remember don't try this at home and don't use up any toilet roll.
We have been learning all about rocks and soils in science. Find out about the life and work of Mary Anning, an English fossil collector and palaeontologist by looking at the link below.

Year 3 information powerpoint