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Welcome to 6R

Welcome to 6R - Today is the day to learn something new!


Welcome to Year 6! I hope that you are ready for a fun filled, action packed year of new experiences from travelling to new and exciting places in your imagination in English, to fighting for your country in World War ll in our Autumn topic, to tackling the high ropes at PGL and finishing off the year with a full round of applause at the Year 6 Panto!

Summer Term


SATS revision is well underway! We are hitting the ground running at the start of the Summer Term and we are looking forward to showing off all of our skills in the up-coming SATS tests.


Summer 1 Week 1


We are carrying out revision carousels in Maths and English this week.. They consist of stations around the classroom, so we can focus on lots of topics.


Below are some of the resources that we will be using, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could focus on these areas of revision, with your children. I will continue to add to this list throughout the next few weeks.



Maths Revision SATS questions


SATs message to all children in our Year 6

Spelling Dictation Tasks for Summer term - the children have been told which words they are to learn

Welcome to 6R


Autumn Term 2016


Welcome to the 6R Homepage.



Autumn 2nd Half Term


Important Information for the forthcoming Half Term


I can't believe the first half term has already finished and the days are getting shorter, the nights longer and we are now getting ready for Bonfire Night which will be closely followed by the run up to.....the word we cannot say yet!

The children did so well with their Assembly in church and I am so proud of their poetry, clear reading and performance skills. They have loved studying WWII and we will be continuing with this after the break.


Reminder: Could you please scour your wardrobes for old clothing we could use in our Make Do and Mend fashion project so that the children can practice their design and sewing skills.


Spellings for Autumn 2 Half Term: Please follow the link below for the Autumn 2nd Half term spelling list and the dates that the children will be tested. The children have done so well learning their spelling words in Autumn 1 and it seems that having fewer words to learn has really had an impact on spelling so far. However, we have noticed that many of the children could do better on the statutory Year 3 / 4 Spelling words so could you please maintain their focus on all spellings. You will find the statutory Year 3 / 4 spelling words also below.







This is 6R - 'We rule because we have rules'


The children have made a great start to life at the top of the school and many of them are showing some encouraging signs of maturity.


Boot Camp

Many Thanks for so quickly responding to the request for the children to bring in a change of sports clothes for Boot Camp. The children have enjoyed preparing for war today and I am sure that this will continue over the coming weeks. Please see our Twitter feed to access the photographs of Boot Camp with more to follow soon.


What to expect this Half Term




In Literacy this half term we will be looking at diary writing, using the perspective of soldiers and civilians during war-time Britain. This ties into our Topic work this term investigating some of the key events and changes in Britain and Europe during this period. 

After this, we will move on to Newspaper Recounts, again through the Topic of WWII before finally analysing the persuasive speeches of both Churchill and Hitler at this time. The children will then write their own speech inspired by the rhetoric of these two different orators.




You will notice that there has been a change to how spellings are prepared and tested in school this year. As a school we decided that it would be better to focus the learning of spellings on significant spelling patterns and to reduce the number of spellings tested weekly. This will allow the children to focus on the pattern rather than the quantity of words to be learnt. Knowing the patterns fluently will help the children to then spell other words that are not tested but that they come across in varying contexts. Please see below for this half term's spelling patterns and tested words.




During the Autumn term Year 6 will be focusing on Number, the Number System, Calculation and Using and Applying Number through Problem Solving. This will include: Reading and Writing Numbers to 10,000,000, Place Value to 3 decimal places, using mental and efficient written strategies for all number operations, fractions / decimals / percentages and measure (where it can be used in the context of money, length, mass and capacity to apply to real-life contexts)




Our RE Topic this term is 'The Journey of Life' and how Christians and other faiths celebrate the different stages of life and development. The children have been asked to bring in photographs and objects that mark these parts of growth.




In Autumn term 1, we are looking at Light and Vision in science. It's worth keeping an eye out (no pun intended) to see if the Liverpool World Museum still have their 'Vision' installation on the 2nd floor. I took my own children to see it over the summer and it was excellent.




World War II - This Topic will cover the events leading up to this significant period in British and World History. We will investigate how our country changed through the war and explore the real-life experiences of people across Europe. We will also investigate the Battle of Britain, the Battle of the Atlantic (Year 6 will be visiting the Western Approaches and Maritime Museum for this on 10.10.16), Dunkirk and the D-Day Landings. This will lead us on to the experience of Jewish people in Europe - which we will focus on in Autumn 2  - and is a good way to link our learning about discrimination and prejudice that we will then continue as we look at Civil Rights in the USA.

Finding out about each other - 'Through the shoebox'

Meet the Teacher - Presentation

PGL Residential Trip - Presentation to Parents

Autumn 2nd Half Term Spellings and Test Dates

Autumn First Half Term Spelling Patterns and Test Dates

Year 5 / 6 Statutory Spellings - Look Say Cover Write Check List

Strategies that can be used at home to support spellings

Words that children are expected to know already

SATs Awareness Briefing for Parents

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) Glossary of terms