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Thank you again Mrs Lowson!

We have had a fantastic afternoon and pulled some very weird faces during our 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here!' challenge. To complete our food and hygiene topic we had to choose a container and eat whatever Mrs Lowson had put in it. She has been very busy and we had a variety of nice treats to eat as well as some disgusting nasty things to eat. We had spiders blood, camels toe nails, crocodile's puss, buffalo sick. It was quite revolting but so much fun! Enjoy the funny faces we pulled and the 100 year old egg that one unlucky 'celebrity' had to eat! Even some of the staff got involved!

Mere Sands Wood

We had a fantastic time at Mere Sands wood as part of our Habitat topic. We took part in different activities throughout the day. Wildflower walk, pond dipping, bug hunting and den making! Take a look at the pictures below.

Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog

Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 1
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 2
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 3
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 4
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 5
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 6
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 7
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 8
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 9
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 10
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 11
Sefton library - The hundred mile an hour dog 12


DANCE - A - THON! 10
DANCE - A - THON! 11
DANCE - A - THON! 12
DANCE - A - THON! 13
DANCE - A - THON! 14
DANCE - A - THON! 15
DANCE - A - THON! 16
DANCE - A - THON! 17
DANCE - A - THON! 18
DANCE - A - THON! 19

Thank you Mrs Lowson!

From April, we have been working with Mrs Lowson on food hygiene. We have looked at the temperature in kitchens, how to wash our hands and utensils before cooking and how food is prepared and made around the world. On Friday Mrs Kerwin presented us with our food hygiene certificates as we have all listened carefully and participated well in the lessons. Thank you for teaching us how to be safe in the kitchen Mrs Lowson! 

3D diorama habitat making!

3D diorama habitat making! 1
3D diorama habitat making! 2
3D diorama habitat making! 3
3D diorama habitat making! 4
3D diorama habitat making! 5
3D diorama habitat making! 6
3D diorama habitat making! 7
3D diorama habitat making! 8
3D diorama habitat making! 9
3D diorama habitat making! 10
3D diorama habitat making! 11
3D diorama habitat making! 12
3D diorama habitat making! 13
3D diorama habitat making! 14
3D diorama habitat making! 15
3D diorama habitat making! 16
3D diorama habitat making! 17
3D diorama habitat making! 18
3D diorama habitat making! 19
3D diorama habitat making! 20
3D diorama habitat making! 21
3D diorama habitat making! 22

Google experience!

Google experience! 1
Google experience! 2
Google experience! 3
Google experience! 4
Google experience! 5
Google experience! 6
Google experience! 7
Google experience! 8

Prayer week visitors

Thank you to our 2 visitors, Becky Da Mota and Jean Macdonald for coming in during Prayer week. We asked lots of questions about their churches and Catholicism. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

 Dear all

The summer term has finally arrived (someone tell the weather people that!)

The children are looking forward to swimming, a trip to Unsworth Chapel and a visit to Mere Sands Wood amongst other things this term.

Our main topic is habitats and I'm sure that you are looking forward to our DT project when the children will create their own diorama of a habitat. As ever if anyone has any questions, requests or queries please don't hesitate to ask .

Many thanks

Mary Sim

   Class Worship Groups


Autumn 1   19th October 2016


Timothy Harrison

Liam Noble

Aiesha Baldeh

Ava Cramsie

Hannah Keenan


Autumn 2


Matthew Campbell

Toby Pickles

Fin Acir

Lucy Hill

Abbie Dickson


Spring 1


Bryn Corrin

Jack Robinson

Lilly Issitt

Violet Faragher Dickson

Annabelle Pirrie


Spring 2


Luke Hughes

Dylan Rutherford

Faye Ormesher

Olivia Whitby

Luke Paterson


Summer 1


Aiden K Williams

Tom Wills

Rebecca Williams

Rhianna McCloy


Summer 2


Steven McKenzie

Liam Leigh

Lucas Leigh

Amelia Thompson

Erin Atkinson

Picture 1
Picture 2

  Dear Parents


Can you believe that we are nearly half way through this year!  Time really does fly! We are in the middle of a busy term, year group assembly, trip to museum and the Echo arena trip to name just a few of the activities planned. With regards to the curriculum we also have a science week and a DT week to look forward to. Your children are a pleasure to teach so well behaved, polite and courteous - a real credit to you all. As ever if you should need to speak to me I am always ( almost) available at the end of the school day.


Many thanks

Mary Sim


Smoothie making - Enterprise week

Smoothie making - Enterprise week 1
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 2
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 3
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 4
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 5
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 6
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 7
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 8
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 9
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 10
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 11
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 12
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 13
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 14
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 15
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 16
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 17
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 18
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 19
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 20
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 21
Smoothie making - Enterprise week 22

4S in Church for Christmas service 2016

4S in Church for Christmas service 2016 1
4S in Church for Christmas service 2016 2

Disability awareness day

Disability awareness day 1
Disability awareness day 2
Disability awareness day 3
Disability awareness day 4
Disability awareness day 5
Disability awareness day 6
Disability awareness day 7
Disability awareness day 8
Disability awareness day 9
Disability awareness day 10
Disability awareness day 11
Disability awareness day 12
Disability awareness day 13
Disability awareness day 14
Disability awareness day 15
Disability awareness day 16
Disability awareness day 17

Balloon race!

Balloon race! 1
Balloon race! 2
Balloon race! 3
Balloon race! 4
Balloon race! 5
Balloon race! 6
Balloon race! 7
Balloon race! 8

Anglo- Saxon settlement making!

Tatton Park

Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters!

Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 1
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 2
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 3
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 4
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 5
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 6
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 7
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 8
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 9
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 10
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 11
Questioning Anglo - Saxon characters! 12

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) Glossary of terms